Family-Owned Businesses

Family-owned businesses possess challenges rarely seen in most corporations. The boundaries around the roles are blurred, channels of communications are routinely disregarded, and longstanding feelings often trump business logic. Decision making is plagued by emotion, causing procrastination and lost opportunities.  Deep-rooted familial conflicts often prove the downfall of even the best businesses.

Dr. Delligatti works with family-owned businesses as they experience some common challenges. For example:

  • Longstanding family issues infiltrating the workplace

  • Engaging the next generation of succession planning

  • Unresolved family conflict increasing employee turnover

Family-owned businesses benefit from Dr. Delligatti’s experience in dealing with these issues, resulting in more satisfied family members, better financial returns, and increased employee productivity and retention.

Dr. Delligatti’s Services

Dr. Delligatti has empowered client companies to achieve their vision of organizational success – genuinely and creatively - by maximizing the potential of their human capital. Dr. Delligatti offers the following Family-Owned Business services.

How to Create Lasting Change

Find out the secret to creating lasting change, both personally and within the organization. Here are two hints: Work a process, and embrace optimism within the context of reality. Click on the video to watch.

Case Study: Family Dynamics Compromise Business

“It’s all falling apart.” The retired owner of a Training & Development Firm sought assistance with interpersonal conflicts between the siblings entrusted to run the business. The conflicts threatened to destroy the family and place the future of the company in jeopardy. Unless addressed, the conflicts would seriously compromise the company’s ability to sustain the retirement of the owners, as well as the standard of living for their heirs.


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