Corporate Training

Adult education keeps us fresh and vibrant as we confront a variety of challenges in the workplace.

Training Employees for Business Success

Training in the workplace may involve learning something entirely different, polishing existing skills, or applying skills in new ways. Education always supports the growth and development of our greatest asset, our people.

Our training services are focused on small group learning and utilize didactic as well as experiential components. Trainings are customized to meet the needs of your business, organization, or professional association. Additionally, seminars can be tailored to earn continuing education credits from your specific professional organization.

Business-related Training seminars have included:

Developing the Best Leaders – Presentation of a comprehensive leadership development model for use in associations, volunteer organizations, and businesses

Communication for Conflict Resolution – Review the basics of active listening skills to establish two-way communication and set the stage for active problem solving to resolve typical day-to-day conflict

Managing Workplace Transitions – Discuss the inevitability of transitions in all workplaces and review the core characteristics of the resilient worker

Trauma in the Workplace – What to do when your company, department, or team is faced with a significant loss resulting from trauma

Career Stagnation – Review reasons why people get stuck, the obstacles to advancing their career within your company, and suggestions for "following their own star" within the organization

Preparing for Retirement – Review the challenges of moving beyond identification of oneself as an employee, professional, business owner, even when it's time to move on

Women in Transition: Non-traditional Pathways to Success – Discussing the sometimes competing needs in professional women's career advancement

Hallmarks of Successful Professional Associations – Review and discussion of seven measures of success and their realistic implementation

Managing Stress Levels in Times of Change – Review signs and symptoms of stress and develop ways to cope with anxiety-producing changes at work

Mediation in the Workplace – Define the mediation process and its application to overcoming interpersonal conflict to improve team and department performance

Additional Corporate Services