Business Executives

Dr. Delligatti works with executives experiencing upheaval from personal or work-related concerns. For example:   

  • A manager struggling to create cohesiveness of a newly formed team

  • A director navigating organizational politics

  • A mid-career professional considering the next career move

Executives of all levels benefit from Dr. Delligatti’s experience with increased career satisfaction and improved team productivity.

Dr. Delligatti’s Services

Dr. Delligatti has empowered clients to achieve their vision of personal and organizational success – genuinely and creatively - by maximizing the potential of their human capital. Dr. Delligatti offers the following services:

How to Accomplish Effective Change

Andrea Delligatti began her professional career as as psychologist in the military. Why is this important for her business clients today? It definitely sets her apart when it comes to measurable results. Click on the video to watch.

Follow the Leaders Engagement

Being elected as President of a 3,000-member state professional association which relied heavily upon volunteers, I noted the organization struggled to identify leaders to spearhead committee work to accomplish strategic plan goals. This was exacerbated by the reticence of the Board of Directors to “fire” ineffective committee chairs due to their volunteer status. Creating a more formal leadership development program became my solution to meeting the challenge. 

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