Private Clients

Dr. Delligatti works with a variety of private clients who are weary of self-help books and superficial “quick fixes” to complex problems. Through a collaborative process, clients gain new skills to not only overcome the current challenge, but also implement genuine change in their lives.

Dr. Delligatti’s Services

Dr. Delligatti has focused her private psychological practice on assisting others to maximize personal potential within the context of external stressors. Dr. Delligatti has special expertise in handling workplace-related issues, and offers the following Private Client services:

Do No Harm - What you need to know

When you work with a licensed psychologist, you are guaranteed a level of professionalism that comes with the license. Watch to learn why it’s smarter and safer to hire a licensed psychologist to coach you or your organization’s employees.

The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us at Work

While a compensation package at work may motivate us to some degree, it cannot be used as a substitute for management practices that engage employees and maximize their contribution. The problem is that most U.S. employees are no longer doing simple, repetitive tasks where monetary incentives are most effective. So if money isn’t effective in directing employee behavior, what is?

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