Corporate Assessment Services

The foundation of any successful intervention is a customized and comprehensive assessment of the existing problem or concern.

Assessment Phase

The assessment process begins with detailed interview to gather data about the "problem" from everyone involved. This is necessary because people can have differing perceptions of the same situation. A problem for one person may not be defined as such by another.

During the assessment process, rapport is being built with all parties involved. Not only does this process clarify the "problem," it sets the stage for mutual collaboration and active problem solving necessary during the intervention phase.

Intervention Phase

Interventions are chosen based on the data gathered during the assessment process, the people involved, and the likelihood that the chosen intervention will effect change in the most effective and efficient manner. Because we are experts in the human change process, we understand the research and know what interventions work at each of the various stages of change.

Our practice does not employ a "one size fits all" assessment tool or intervention process. Rather, we customize our services to match the needs of each client organization or business. Consequently, more structured assessments and/or intervention tools may or may not be employed as deemed appropriate by our professional working directly with your team. This provides the highest quality services at the least cost for you, our clients.

Additional Corporate Services