Corporate Coaching Services

Corporate coaching services provide focus, structure and support to achieve goals, deepen learning and improve performance potential through a customized plan based on the specific needs of your organization.

Business/Executive Coaching

Managing change processes, improving performance or sharpening "people skills" is a function of:

  • Adapting to shifts in the organizational structure or culture

  • Setting and achieve career or business-related goals

  • Overcoming obstacles to short- and long-term goal achievement

  • Creating and implementing a strategic plan consistent with your vision

  • Training managers in "people" coaching skills

  • Improving executive performance or raising skill level

  • Leveraging HR to reach a broader employee pool

Relationship Coaching

Providing employees with the skills to manage the complexity of interpersonal interactions in the workplace:

  • Improves the interface between employer and employee

  • Increases trust and respect between manager and subordinate

  • Improves communication between coworkers

  • Improves problem-solving skills to accelerate team performance

  • Clarifies roles

  • Increases cohesion to maximize team output

Additional Corporate Services