Mediation Services

Mediation is a professionally-facilitated process seeking to resolve interpersonal conflict in a less antagonistic and adversarial manner.

Mediation offers a structured problem-solving approach that is not only efficient and cost effective, but also a psychologically healthier way to resolve conflict. The practice specializes in:

Custody Mediation

Best suited for situations where parents or other family members share parenting of children as a result of a change in circumstance (e.g. divorce, the break-up of an unmarried couple, the return of an estranged parent to the area, the death of one parent and the desire of grandparents to participate in the children's care).

Divorce Mediation

Best suited for situations where both parties want to settle the details of the dissolution of their relationship in a healthier, less adversarial way. Mediation supports both individuals in making decisions at a very difficult and emotional time.

Family Mediation

Best suited for situations where conflict arises in response to family tensions around such issues as: parenting conflicts, sibling conflicts, elder care issues, estate struggles, etc.

Additional Private Services