Private Training Services

Adult education is a gift that keeps us fresh and vibrant in our approach to life's many challenges.

Education may involve learning something entirely new and different, developing skills to deal with new situations at home or work, or polishing existing skills.

Training services offered are typically focused on small group learning and utilize didactic as well as experiential components.

Training will be customized to meet the needs of your civic association or community group.

Short speaking engagements to civic groups are offered at little or no cost.

Topics include:

How Can Mediation Help? – Review mediation as a process to resolve interpersonal conflict in families (e.g. divorce, custody, estate, elder care)

Improving Communication and Conflict Resolution – Review of active listening skills and ways to improve two-way communication

Stress Management 101 – Review of specific stress management strategies and relaxation techniques

Building Resilience – Review of basic building blocks needed to help us bounce back from trauma or life's challenges

Women's Behavioral Health – Review of behavioral health issues confronted across our developmental stages of life

Navigating Challenges to Independence – Review of psychological roadblocks that further hinder us when faced with physical challenges

Warning Signs of a Troubled Student – Signs that your teen may be struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues

Behavior Management – Review the four main goals of challenging behavior in children…and adults

Brief list of recent professional presentations and publications

Additional Private Services