Lost Without a GPS

The value of a strategic plan


Establishing a more formal program to grow new leaders was but one component in more effectively and efficiently accomplishing the work of the statewide Professional Association while building and maintaining organizational strength.


Energized, motivated volunteer leaders are an association President's delight. However, very cumbersome, "user un-friendly" processes tend to frustrate "time-strapped" volunteer leaders. So, it was with this association's multi-paged strategic plan.

Few committee leaders had an understanding of the process of governance or that the strategic plan should be used to guide all committee work.


Initiating a process to

  • revise, update, and simplify the strategic plan into a more user friendly format,

  • increase its visibility to members, and

  • encourage volunteer leaders to utilize the plan to guide their committee and specialty board work


Over a twelve-month period, as association President,

  • Engaged facilitator for a day-long strategic planning session that included Board of Directors as well as all committee chairs, totaling 40+ participants.

  • Updated to a 3-page "user friendly" strategic plan with clearly articulated vision, mission, strategic initiatives and objectives to guide the work of the association.

  • Annual review of the strategic plan at the annual General Assembly meeting to which all in leadership are invited.

  • Reference to specific strategic plan initiatives and objectives required on all committee and board reports submitted to the Board for its quarterly meetings.

  • Strategic plan referenced in all leadership development activities to include orientation of all new committee and board chairs as well as elected officers of the association

Lasting Impact:

The Strategic Plan continues to be a "living" document actively guiding the work of the association. Planned formal revisions occur every 3-5 years.