Case Studies

Perception Is Not Always Reality


An interpersonal conflict emerged between the Controller and Assistant Controller (AC) at a Delaware Valley Real Estate Development Firm. The AC wrote a letter to the company President/CEO – 3 levels her senior - complaining about the annual performance evaluation. CEO immediately requested HR to isolate and resolve any issues. Internal discussions led to the company engaging my services.

Family Dynamics Compromise Business


Family-owned businesses possess challenges rarely seen in most corporations. The boundaries around the roles are blurred, channels of communications routinely disregarded, long standing feelings often trumping business logic. Decision making is plagued by emotion, causing procrastination and lost opportunities. Deep rooted familial conflicts often prove the downfall of even the best businesses.

Change Can Be Painful


The HR consultant started by saying, "staff was taking their conflict to the parking lot." He related that on-going interpersonal conflicts among the staff finally had reached a boiling point. The HR consultant, working with the office manager of a Delaware Valley Professional Services Firm, requested assistance in building cohesiveness within the office of this highly successful professional services practice. While the practice owner enjoyed an excellent reputation in his field and recognition for his service to the local community, the HR consultant confided that "his business management skills were not his strengths."

"Show Me The Money"


The Board Chair of a statewide Professional Association requested that I assume the leadership role of the Annual Convention that typically drew 300-400 participants. The event enjoyed modest success in prior years. Envisioning the event as a way to attract and retain members, I focused upon two objectives:

  1. develop the highest quality, continuing education for participants and

  2. provide an environment in which members could network both socially and professionally. Operating with full autonomy, I embarked on the journey to make this vision a reality, coordinating logistical issues through an all-volunteer committee.

The Show Must Go On!


Challenges exist when providing Board-level strategic guidance for the two committees of a statewide Professional Association responsible for generating the bulk of non-dues revenue. While I focused on building and strengthening the continuing education program, I relied on the two committee chairs to carry out the logistical functions inherent in actually delivering the CE programs at the convention and at conferences across the state. Great care was taken in selecting personnel to fill those roles.

Follow the Leaders...


I was elected by the membership to provide leadership to the 2nd largest state Professional Association of its kind in the country- with 3,000+ members and net assets in excess $1M. My responsibilities spanned supervising performance of Executive Director and presiding over the 25-member Board of Directors composed five specialty Boards encompassing 27 committees and project groups. A three year commitment consisted of three consecutive, one-year terms, as President-Elect (2007), President (2008) and Past-President (2009).