Andrea M. Delligatti, Ph.D.
Psychologist    •    Executive Coach    •    Mediator
"Creating psychologically healthy workplaces"
Creating a psychologically healthy workplace is a team approach. We gather seasoned and credentialed professionals with expertise in employee involvement, work-life balance, employee growth & development, health & safety, and employee recognition. These practice areas are identified by the American Psychological Association's Healthy Workplace Program.
The following resources are offered to increase your understanding of the importance of a psychologically healthy workplace for your organization.

Official American Psychological Association (APA) Fact Sheet:

Latest APA Worker Stress Survey:

APA Chart: Psychologically healthy workplaces have less turn-over, less stress and higher satisfaction:

APA's Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program Site with resources for employers and to apply for the PHWA (Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award):

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