Andrea M. Delligatti, Ph.D.
Psychologist    •    Executive Coach    •    Mediator
"Creating psychologically healthy workplaces"

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Untangling Complexity, Inspiring Success

Have you been confronted with a problem so complex that it has defied all attempts to solve it?

Have you found the more determined you are to find a solution, the more elusive it becomes…leaving you stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed?

Would you like to maximize your potential to creatively resolve the complexities in your workplace or business?

Our practice specializes in transforming "Gordian Knots" that impede business success. In the process, we help organizations create psychologically healthy workplaces in which people excel and business prospers. We offer:

Are you fatigued by consultants and coaches offering canned, superficial "quick fixes" to the complex problems emerging within your social-media-driven workplace?

Consider making an investment in creating a psychologically healthy workplace to increase your competitive edge. Attain lasting success by working with a seasoned and credentialed professional with expertise in human change processes. Through our collaborative process, your organization will gain new skills to overcome the current challenge, implement genuine change, and create a psychologically healthy workplace that both attracts and retains top talent in your industry.

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Andrea M Delligatti

Andrea M. Delligatti, Ph.D. Organizational Practice

was formalized as a business endeavor in 1996. The Practice emerged from a marketplace need to combine quality professional services, exceptional customer satisfaction and the creation of a culture of value and integrity for the client organization.

Hallmarks of psychologically healthy workplaces

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